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Although born in Oklahoma City,  Nathan officially considers himself as being "from nowhere."  He attended 13 different schools from kindergarten to High School, and has traveled to over 7 countries in his life. He also served in the U.S. Marine Corp from 1996-2001.  Nathan considers himself a poster child for ADHD, having not only learned to cope with it but utilizing it as a strength in his professional life. In respect to his writing, he feels that his personal life experiences have been big influences. "I love putting words together. Ever since I first picked up a pencil and put words to paper... it just made sense."  He doesn't believe in having a permanent personal motto, citing "Mottos are just too hard to keep." But he believes that, if he did have a motto, it would be "The worst evil of all is indifference".  

"I just want to be able to write one book people will remember after I'm dead and gone.  It's the closest thing to becoming immortal."


Midwestern State University, B.A. Major in English, Minor in Humanities, 2005

Midwestern State University, M.A. Arts and English, with an emphasis in Mythology 2009



        Paranormal Research Society Field Trip X Charleston, SC "Left Handed Voodoo"



        Paranormal Research Society Field Trip XI New Orleans, LA "The Rape of Lilith"

        LepreCon Phoenix, AZ "The Belief Shift: The Evolution of Werewolves and Zombies"

        A-Kon 22 Dallas, TX "Mythology for Narutards"



        A-Kon 23 Dallas, TX "Supernatural as Anime" and "The Mythology for Narutards 2.0"



        A-Kon 24 Dallas, TX "Fairy Tales Revisited: The Mythology of the TV show GRIMM" and "The Mythology for Narutards 3.0"

        Comic-Con Tampa, FL "Fairy Tales Revisited: The Mythology of the TV show GRIMM" and "Supernatural as Anime"


         A-Kon 25 Dallas TX          Florida Supercon Miami FL      Tampa Bay Comic Con 2014


       A-Kon 26 Dallas TX    Tampa Bay Comic Con 2015


       A-Kon 27 Dallas TX     Tampa Bay Comic Con 2016      LavaCon Conference Las Vegas, NV   Pinellas Comic +Maker Con

       Relay For Life Charity Event  St. Petersburg FL        Books At Park Place H.P. Lovecraft Night  St. Petersburg FL


       Tampa Bay Comic Con 2017


       Tampa Bay Comic Con 2018


       Atlanta Comic Con 2019        Tampa Bay Comic Con 2019

2010 - present

2010 - present

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